Как удалить анкету с сайта знакомств mail ru через телефон

фото: Как удалить анкету с сайта знакомств mail ru через телефон

Братья и сестры,мир вам и вашему дому!!!. Но тем не менее, посвятили мне (ЛИЧНО. Я резко закрыл глаза и сделал вид, что сплю.

Тогда другие участники сайта знакомств Мамба. Make sure you check that the e-mail did not end up in the Spam folder by mistake. Это может со временем вылезти боком. Многие его пользователи нашли там свою вторую половинку, а кто-то — друзей и деловые контакты. Remember, you cannot restore a deleted profile!

Как удалить страницу (анкету) с сайта знакомств Мамба

You need to unpin the previous card on your account Settings. If you are experiencing difficulties sending messages in a confirmed Profile, try to login to your Messenger using another browser. There is an Edit Photo link under the photo.

Как удалить анкету полностью

Как удалить анкету с сайта знакомств mail ru через телефон

In order for the profile to show up in the Search, you need to specify whom you are looking for. You have probably skipped this step. Select the General tab and click on the Edit link next to the Contacts block. To remove your profile from Search you need to remove the information on whom you are looking for.

Try to be more specific in your search. If you wish to get the best results, find a person with a certain hair color, eye color, hobbies or sexual preferences, for example, get the Premium Account.

The Advanced Search option, with results displayed on the website or sent to your e-mail, is available to all Premium Account users. It might be that your search criteria are too narrow. Try to widen your search criteria. You need to confirm your Profile in order to read the message. A confirmation code is sent to the e-mail address entered at registration.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you enter a real e-mail, otherwise you will not be able to use the website to its full extent. If you are experiencing difficulties reading messages in a confirmed Profile, try to login to your Messages using another browser.

You need to confirm your Profile in order to send a message. If you are experiencing difficulties sending messages in a confirmed Profile, try to login to your Messenger using another browser. Make sure that messages are really sent to you. If you have not boosted your Profile for a while, it dropped in Search results and you will have very little traffic.

If you are sure that messages were sent to you but you have not received them, please contact our Customer Support Service. Please include the username of the user whose messages you are not receiving. Go to your Contacts, checkmark the user and move them to the Black List. You will never again receive any messages from this user.

There is an option on the website to turn off messages from certain categories of users. The Message Filter is provided at no additional cost as part of the Premium Account. You can turn the messages off altogether! Try to send messages to other users. If you get answers - there is no reason to suppose that your recipient is not receiving your messages.

The user may not have logged in or is busy and will reply later. Move a contact to the Favorites folder so it does not get lost in the General folder of your messenger.

To move a contact to Favorites put a checkmark next to it, scroll down to the Move to Folder Then click on Move. If a user barrages you with annoying messages to which you do not want to reply, you can Blacklist them.

See Add User to Black List. Go to your Messages. Put a checkmark next to the user you want to Blacklist. Scroll down to the Move to Folder Select Black List and click on Move.

Remember that you will not receive any messages from the user until you take them off the Black List. You cannot delete a message sent to another user. There is also no way to partially delete a chat with a user. You can completely delete a correspondence thread with a user by moving it to the Deleted folder and emptying it.

To delete a user put a checkmark next to their name, scroll down to the Move to Folder A deleted user can still send you a message, a Blacklisted user is no longer able to communicate with you.

A deleted profile cannot be restored. Go to the Friends tab in your Profile. Follow the link to All Friends. When you Quarrel, you remove the user from your Friends List. Go to the Photo tab and select the Just Me album. Checkmark the photos you wish to delete. Click on the Delete Selected Photos from Portfolio button. Go to the Photo tab and select the album.

In the album click on the preview of the photo you wish to delete. You will go to the photo view and comment page. There is a Delete Photo link under the photo. Click on it and confirm delete. Underneath the preview of each photo you will see the Edit link.

Click on the link and you will go to the photo editor. Edit the photo and save your changes. You will go to the photo View and Comment page. There is an Edit Photo link under the photo. Click on it, edit the photo and save your changes. I would like to hide a photograph in my Portfolio so that no one can see it except me. You will see the On label to the right of each photo.

Click on the On so that the label changes to Off. Now your photo is inactive and no one except you will see it. You will see a Make Default link under each photo. Click on the link underneath the photo you wish to make your default. Upload your photos again. If they do not pass moderation again, you can write to Customer Support Service. Please review rules for uploading photos to your Portfolio carefully.

Please review rules for accepting photos for the VIP section carefully. There is no set time for staying in the Faces Gallery. Your photo will go down as other users boost their profiles.

You were most likely outbid. If you are paying for the vote using your mobile phone, make sure that you have sent the text message to the right short number and received a text message in reply confirming the bid. If you did not receive a text message in reply or received a message that you entered a wrong code, it means that you have made a mistake in the message prefix.

Try to upload again. If the error persists, use a different browser. Go to the Blog tab. You will see a Delete link in the bottom right corner under each post. To delete a comment, click on the Delete link next to each comment to your post. Go to the Blog from which you wish to unsubscribe. You will see an Unsubscribe link above user posts.

Blog ratings are based on the number of views of your posts, number of comments to them and additional parameters. You need to write more often and post interesting content in order to get to the top in Blogs. Comment posts of other users so that they comment back on your posts.

Invite users to become your Friends. Use the VIP service to tell about your new posts. You will see a Complain link underneath the profile. Click on the link, state the reason for the complaint and specify details. The information will be verified. If found true and you are not the only one to complain about the user, we will take due steps.

If you did not talk to the user, you can send a link to their profile with comments to Customer Support Service. You can copy the link to the profile from the URL bar in your browser or find it in the user profile at the very bottom of the General tab.

If you have had a quarrel with someone, it will not constitute a reason to delete their profile. We always verify information prior to making a decision to delete a profile. If you absolutely disagree with what happened, please send a message to Customer Support Service and include the username of the deleted profile. We will verify the request and explain the reasons it was deleted.

Try to post the text piece by piece and see which fragment made the system suspect advertisement. Try to re-write your thoughts differently. Но анкета показуется удаленной. Как такое может быть? Модераторы удалите пожалуйста мою страницу в мамбе,я не помню не пароль не логи. Надежда Азарян 18лет Феодосия,самостоятельно не могу,я вас умоляю удалите стр.

На этом сайте не сидят модераторы Мамбы. С меня списываются деньги регулярно сайтом я не пользуюсь как удалить свой акаунт я не помню никаких данных. Я больше не собираюсь восстанавливаться и регистрироваться на Вашем сайте в дальнейшем! Я бы с радостью, но это не мой сайт. Удалила в ручную анкету на мамбе больше года назад. После этого проверяла пару раз — не было анкеты.

Сейчас, спустя год, выяснилось что она ЕСТЬ. Нашли с чужого аккаунта и сбросили мне скрин…имела неприятный разговор. Как это может быть?? Дважды обратилась в тех. Да у них вообще отвратительные и сайт и служба поддержки. Проще зайти в анкету, поменять данные на вымышленные и забыть о ней.

Не могу удалить страницу с Андроида там нет такой вкладки в настройках. Все перевернула, не могу ни чего сделать, как быть??? Случайно был удален почтовый ящик, к которому была привязана анкета. Можно ли перевести учетную запись на другой email, т.

Обращалась в п о м о щ ь — тишина. Как войти на сайт и удалить страницу, если забыл логин и пароль? Тех поддержка не отвечает взаимностью. Только что получила письмо об успешной регистрации на сайте mamba.

Проблема в том, что я этого не делала. Херня сайт, уже 2года получаю смс от туда, не знаю как удалить страницу, все пароли и Почта утеряны! Или собеседники всё равно их видят? К сожалению, вынужден огорчить некоторых пользователей этого ресурса…анкеты с мамбы полностью не удаляются.

Вы можете стереть , удалить анкеты и данные-но они остаются навсегда в базе данных мейл. Не буду говорить зачем и кто за этим стоит-но это факт от источника. Ничего личного,только инфа, никакого вброса.

Получать новые комментарии по электронной почте. С момента начала процедуры удаления страницы на mamba. По истечению срока профиль будет удален навсегда.

Можно не удалять анкету, а просто скрыть ее из поиска.

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